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The Naked Truth

God's dilemma began in Eden’s love villa when he told Adam not to eat from the tree of good and evil…it would be lethal, and they would surely die and he's not a man that he should lie. Now satan deceived eve into eating the forbidden fruit and Satan filed a lawsuit. To atone, Jesus left His heavenly throne to be our substitute. Sin had entered the world and it was contagious; death was the wages. To pay the price Christ went to the cross to redeem the loss. At the hand of satan's thugs, Jesus bled till he ran out of blood. When nothing else would do, Jesus stretched out his arms and said this blood is for you. It was a homicide 187, but now he reigns in heaven at the right hand of the father He is seated, the devil is defeated. The crucifixion and resurrection were a blessing. Jesus has risen. The tragedy was a façade; devil don't you know your arms are too short to box with God.

From eternal life in paradise to death, Satan thought he destroyed it all. Like Humpty Dumpty, creation had a great fall. But the King of Kings had a master plan. When we were sinking in sin and needed to be forgiven, there was no hope. But God prepared an antidote.

The great I AM became a lamb, Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice, came to take away sin and bring New Life. When nothing else would do, to atone Jesus left His throne for you. The King of hearts like hallmark cards cared enough to send the best…Jesus! His motivation was our salvation.

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