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New Life

Somebody is celebrating a Birthday this weekend and if that is you, Happy Birthday!

But tonight, I want you to help me celebrate a death. Jesus’ death. Because if Jesus had not died, we would not have eternal life. But He has risen from the dead. And He is Lord. If you are not saved, if you do not have new life in Christ, if you are not born again, your eternal security is damnation. And life is too short, and hell is too hot to play games with your eternal future. Tonight, the family of God almighty says come out of your grave clothes into His grace. Secure your eternity. Though our outward man is perishing, yet once you're saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, the inward man is being renewed day by day. This world and all you see is temporary. But things which are not seen, are eternal. This earth is passing away and so is this shell, our body. It is temporary. The real measure of a person’s wealth is what they have invest in eternity. Our eternal security with purchased by God. Salvation is a free gift from God. But it is not cheap. It cost Him His Son and it cost His Son His Blood. New Life was bought for price from the blood that was shedded; So, when salvation is sitting there don't let it. Grab it hold onto it. That is all we got. Do not let it go. We have got to kill the devils plot, just to let him know that it’s time for him to raise up, he’s got a roll, because we have got our minds made up. Now every sin you committed is forgiven. In the sea of forgetfulness, it is written. Now New Life begins. But you got to stand firm when you're living for Christ; Cause it'll be some days that make you think twice. But let the second thought be the same as the first. Like Deja vu make the devil think twice about messing with you. because you're a soldier. Now that I told you; Prepare for war, because it's going to be a spirituality conflict with demons negative critics and hypocrites nevertheless don't quit!

It was He who was crucified. Therefore, it is He that I will glorify. With everything in me, wherever he sends me, I'll go. Bruised from head to toe, that's why I've gotta give Him praise for every wound and every blow and then some. When eternal life was stolen He paid the ransom. I think I am going to make Amazing Grace my anthem, 'cause He’s so amazing, like the California raisins, that's why I got to praise Him, in every situation I'm facing. From all the nails that were driven Jesus was barely living, given by God with love even with all our sinning. You wonder why I'm grinning? Because I like to keep the devil confused with his head spinning and bound up, keep him sealed like a zip lock give him lip lock so we can hinder the musical hip hop sermon; he is a liar, a deceiver, determine to keep us from learning. I am keeping it real on Good Friday.

The cross we can't dispute. For God so loved us, he sent his only son Jesus. At Calvary he suffered cruelty and agony; whipped, beat down tortured, the pain was absurd. He paid that penalty to set us free. He died; it was a homicide. But a rose again on the third day. Touché. His blood washed all our sins away Oh Happy Day he's the truth that lightly only way. Salvation is for all this is alter call. Do not think twice, give your life to Christ, choose paradise, start your new life.

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