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Why Do I Exist?

God created us in His own image to have an abundant life. He did not make us as robots to automatically love and obey Him. God gave us a will and freedom of choice. We chose to disobey God and go our own willful way. We still make this choice today. This results in separation from God.

The First man, Adam, transgressed God’s law and brought sin and death into the world. The second man Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice to take away sin and bring new life and resurrection to those who believe in Him (1 Corinthians 15:21, 22). Paul explains that by one man’s (Adam) sin many were made unrighteous, whereas by on Man’s (Christ) obedience many will be made righteous. The point of being brought out of sin is so He can dwell with us. He wants us to be holy and set apart because He has a purpose and reward of eternal, complete rest for us.

The foundational questions, “Why do I exist? Why am I here? What is my purpose?” are answered in God’s Word. God was careful to preserve the transmission and translation of His inspired Scripture. Scribes took pains to copy text accurately, even counting the letters in each line, on each page and in each book, to make sure that the middle letter was the same as the original. God not only gave His Word, but He also guarded it. God preserved the Bible because the Bible is God’s voice. It contains within it The Word of the Living God. It is the one and only Book of which God can be said to be the Author. The reason for knowing the Bible is to come to know God.

Everyone in the world was created by God and each one of us shares the same heavenly invitation to become far more than His creation. God wants us to be His children, members of his family. God designed our physical bodies to need water, and He uniquely created water to meet that physical need. The spiritual principle of life is the same. We needed to know God, and God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to meet that spiritual need. Only He can quench our thirst for His presence.

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